Hey folks! I know I haven’t done a blind contour in a while, but that’s because I’m a teacher, so shaddup and let me work my 16-hour days in peace!

Anyways, you know who IS producing a ton of art? My main girl Meg! She’s even putting together funds for an art studio IN HER BACKYARD! It’s like a fairy tale!

Check out the video showing her dreams and amazing animals, and then see if you can’t lend a buck to her cause! She only wants to raise enough money for the foundation, but I think it would be awesome to FLOOD HER WITH MOOLAH so she can build the whole thing!

Internet, I’M CALLING ON YOU!!!!

Cute Student Story

I rarely use this space for anything but Blind Contours, but one of my students said something cute today.

The students have been working on earning 5 “Perfect Morning Routines” (get out homework folder, turn in homework, move lunch stick, read or write silently) for a while. On Friday, they finally earned their 5th Perfect Morning Routine (which means I bring in pie).

"A," a quirky frizzy redhead girl, came up to me this morning.

A: Now that we’ve gotten five Perfect Morning Routines, are you expecting us to get Perfect Morning Routines every day?

Me: Yep!

A: (in what I can only describe as some kind of growly scientist or wizard voice) WHAT MONSTER HAVE WE UNLEASHED???

Then she walked away to read silently.

Pretty, pretty amazing.

Blind Contour Model 4

These ones are my favorite!

If anyone wants to take a crack at coloring these, please feel free!

Oh, and by the way, I am updating my clay blog for the next 22 DAYS on a daily basis. Check it out:


Blind Contour Model 3
I drew a couple variations of this dame, but, honestly, they all came out very much the same!

Blind Contour Model 3

I drew a couple variations of this dame, but, honestly, they all came out very much the same!

Blind Contour Models 2

Two more blind contour drawings of a model in a clothing magazine. 

Those are some very frilly skirts, you see.

Oh my, I think she’s hurt her neck!

Blind Contour Model 1

I drew a series of models from a clothing magazine. I drew each model three times, on graph paper. It would be fun to see what other artists could do with these!

Look at that sassy model face!

This one is my favorite of the fist three. I started to think, “Wow, I might actually produce something beautiful here!” And then I drew the third version…


Another Blind Self Portrait

Hello! Here is another self portrait. I am especially happy with the colors and shadows in this one.

Blindstone 3

And remember, you can order your own Blind Contour Portrait by e-mailing me! You will receive the original piece of art by the way, not just a print.

The Dude; or The Blind Lebowski

A blind contour drawing / watercolor of Jeff Bridge’s “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski. That’s one of those films that I just enjoy more with every viewing. It’s the anti-mystery mystery movie.

This is the latest Blind Contour in my Coen Brothers series- check out the others below!

The Dude

Self Portrait Two

Another Blind Contour Self Portrait:

Blindstone 2

I am having a lot of fun with these!

Anton Chigurh

Javier Bardem’s character Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men is still one of the scariest villains I have ever seen in a movie. I remember in the theater, when Anton Chirgurh appears behind Woody Harrelson’s character, nobody gasped. Instead, everybody let out a sad sigh, because we all know Woody was doomed…

Anton Chigurh

Blind Contour Barton Fink

Is this Barton Fink or Berton Fink?

Barton Fink

Order a Blind Contour Portrait!


I thought it would be fun to offer commissions for Blind Contour Portraits for the Holiday Season!

I will do a blind contour of any person or film / television character of your choice. If the person is not Google-image accessible, please e-mail me a reference photo.

If you would like a custom, original piece of artwork, just e-mail me with a picture. You can specify the size, and color-choices for the watercolors. The painting will take under four days to complete. Here are commission prices:

Half Page (4.5” x 6”): $15.00

Full Page (9” x 12”): $20.00

Shipping & Handling: $3.00

E-Mail: kevinbreakstone@gmail.com (use “Blind Contour Commission” as your subject)

Blind Contour Self Portrait

I drew / painted this as a card to my grandparents, but I thought it was appropriate to post here as well! This is ME:


Chad Feldheimer from “Burn After Reading”

This is the first post for my series of Blind Contour Coens. I am making Blind Contour portraits of various Coen Brothers’ film characters.

Here is Brad Pitt’s character Chad from “Burn After Reading.” I will never forget the scene of Chad in the closet…

Chad Feldheimer